Share Anything on your PC with Anyone

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Sharing has never been easier

Sharing made easy: Simply take the file or files you want to share, and drag them onto the name of the person you want to share them with.

Share with anyone

Share with your Family, Friends, Co-workers, etc.

Safe and secure

Everything you share is encrypted from the moment it leaves your computer to the moment it arrives at it's destination.

Sharing made fast

Sharing via other file sharing services or email is slow and time consuming. AwesomeShare will have your file(s) arriving at their destination in no time.

Anyone can share with you

You will get an instant notification as soon as someone AwesomeShares something with you.

Ideal for home and business

Works great for the home user and business user. Easy to send safe, secure, encrypted home/business documents (tax returns, etc).

Simple to Use

Take anything on your computer such as a word document, excel document, presentation, video, pictures, songs, web page link, and drag and drop it onto AwesomeShare to share it with anyone you want.

AwesomeShare will then take the item or items that you want to share, encrypt them so they are safe from prying eyes, and it will automatically send them to the person or persons that you wanted to share with.

Within seconds, the person or persons you shared with are notified on their computer that a new item has arrived for them to view. You can share with family members, friends, co-workers, employees, classmates, teachers, loved ones, or even someone you just met.


AwesomeShare is a software application that you download to your computer. To download Awesomeshare, please click on any of the 'Download' buttons on this website.


AwesomeShare is very easy to install. Once you have downloaded AwesomeShare, just double click the AwesomeShare installer and you will be on your way.


AwesomeShare is very easy to configure. As soon as you create your account and add your contacts, you will be AwesomeSharing with anyone in no time.


Our technical support is first rate. If you need help, you can contact the actual developers in our support section who work on the AwesomeShare product. We will have your questions answered in no time.

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